Andrew. Twenty-Three. Southern California. Background actor. Professional dreamer. Writer. Exceptional over thinker. Lover not a fighter.

I believe in the simple things: The classic beginning of once upon a time, that good conquers evil in the end, fantasy, and fate. My life is that of wondrous enchantment, a place of endless possibilities and dreams, where inspiration is found in the oddest of places. I aspire to inspire and someday, if possible, I want to change the world.

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There’s too much happening to my emotions right now.
I need this onesie. 
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I’ve decided that every now and then I am going to write in my journal relevant passages, random spurts of inspiration, so that someday I have a book full of wisdom to look back on. And even if I don’t remember what these tidbits of writing were about they are still there and they will tell me a story.
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I need these underwear…..